TFT Rolls out the IMPULSE Nozzle Internationally at Interschutz 2015

FDIC International is the launch pad for companies to introduce their new products to the domestic market while Interschutz, taking place once every five years, is often a place where American companies debut their products to a global market. Task Force Tips (TFT) did just that this year at Interschutz 2015 with its IMPULSE nozzle.

The IMPULSE actually was designed with European firefighting tactics in mind. “There has been and remains a large trend especially across Europe of pulsing the fire environment,” says Rod Carringer, chief marketing officer at TFT. “Pulsing is the quick opening and closing of the valve, introducing small droplets, a little bit of water, into a superheated overhead without disrupting the thermal balance. We make an awful lot of nozzles that have to meet European standards for pulsing. So, that’s a technique that has gained huge favor. We’ve had to keep up with that as that trend has changed. And, one of the things that works extremely well is the trigger.”

TFT is an example of a company that has very much become a global organization. Carringer says that when you come to Interschutz, you quickly realize how many companies abroad build competitive equipment. “We very much are in a global market. To be competitive in the long term, we have to understand that, for example, as TFT is here at Interschutz, there are probably 15 to 18 other companies in the world that are displaying here that make equipment that competes with us. So it very much is a global market. For us to be good in just the United States, that has gotten to be pretty easy. We have to be good in India; we have to go be good in Malayisa; we have to be good in China. So, if you’re an American manufacturer or a distributor in the United States, you have to take the blinders off and take a much more global view of things.”

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