TFT Releases Water Flow Education Video Series

Valparaiso, IN—TFT’s new H2knOw is a series of videos designed to teach the fundamentals of firefighting water flow. The series explores important topics and delivers fact-based results that are measurable and grounded in physics, not opinion.

The series utilizes a flow test device (FTD) with a Programmable Logic Controller or PLC. With this device, viewers can see information like flow pressures and nozzle reactions from the other parts of the system and how they react when circumstances change.

The H2knOW series is about helping firefighters with information. Facts that allow them to do more without increasing the risk. Firefighting is tough, so it’s important to have the right tools and to know what will happen as conditions change.

The first series is currently on-line now with videos that cover “How a Nozzle Works.” New videos will be added monthly. For more information, go to

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