TFT Creates New Team To Help Truck Manufacturers

Task Force Tips (TFT) has created a Fire Apparatus Solutions Team (FAST) due to growing challenges of changing National Fire Protection Association standards and technological advancements.

The three-person FAST crew is designed to more personally assist fire apparatus manufacturers, providing them 24-hour access to a professional fire apparatus equipment-manufacturing network to better address time-sensitive situations. This service is in addition to the already available TFT Web site information.

“This is an industry where the needs are many, and so often, they’re immediate,” said Doug Miller, Midwestern FAST representative and 20-year firefighter who has also served some 20 years as a TFT sales representative. “People we’re working with need to know if they call, they’re going to get an immediate answer, or at least have the comfort of knowing that someone else is working hard with them to find a solution.” The crew also includes South Bend native Ron Truhler, a firefighter and sales representative known for the millions of sales dollars he garnered during his employment at two leading Midwestern truck chassis manufacturer/dealers. He will be working with apparatus builders in the Eastern and Southern U.S., as well as manufacturers in the Eastern Canadian provinces.

Firefighter Dave Burns complete the three-member FAST crew, adding to his 14 years at TFT. Burns continues to devote his energies and talents to apparatus manufacturers west of the Mississippi, as well as those in Western Canada.

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