TetraKO TurboMixer and Wildland Skid

SOUTH ST. PAUL, MN – TetraKO, LLC, the fire suppression subsidiary of EarthClean Corporation, introduced TurboMixer and Wildland Skid firefighting systems for fire departments that desire either a stationary mixer and reservoir or a portable truck or trailer-mounted system. Both are designed for optimal delivery of TetraKO® – the company’s environmentally safe, cornstarch-based water enhancer that transforms water into firefighting adhering gel.

The TurboMixer allows large-batch mixing – in just minutes – of TetraKO powder concentrate and water for storage in the system tank, or for immediate pumping of the mixed TetraKO solution into the water tank of a fire apparatus. The system is equipped with a hopper that drops the TetraKO in the tank for mixing, or with the optional PowderBlaster® eductor, which provides for easy injection of the powder from the ground. The pressure from water running through the PowderBlaster provides suction that rapidly draws TetraKO powder concentrate from its dry storage container and injects it into the water stream and into the tank. The solution is mixed thoroughly with the use of an external pump. The TurboMixer tank is available in three tank sizes: 300, 500 and 1,050 gallons.

The Wildland Skid is engineered for operations where grassland fires are prevalent as well as areas of urban wildland interface. It can be used to protect structures in the path of a wildland fire, and for all operations that require a portable truck or trailer-mounted system. The Wildland Skid works like the TurboMixer. it is a 200 gallon, framed tank that mounts easily in the bed of a pickup truck or on a trailer. Like the TurboMixer system, the Wildland Skid system can be purchased with the optional PowderBlaster assembly.

For more information, visit www.tetraKO.com.

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