TetraKO Features New Skid Unit and Portable Mixing System at FDIC

TetraKO, LLC, the fire suppression subsidiary of EarthClean Corporation, today featured two new, comprehensive and integrated delivery systems for TetraKO® water enhancer at FDIC. The new products include the TetraKO TurboSkid™ and the TetraKO TurboMixer™ systems. The TurboSkid is on display near the entrance of Lucas Oil Stadium at the TetraKO booth #8021.

“The TetraKO TurboSkid and TurboMixer offer municipal fire departments, and wildland firefighters, two easy-to-use mixing and delivery systems for TetraKO water enhancer,” said Scott Bocklund, TetraKO, LLC president. “The TurboSkid is an excellent slide-in skid unit for placement on a pickup truck or trailer, while the TurboMixer is built for large batch mixing for off-loading into any fire apparatus, Both are available for purchase.”

The TetraKO TurboSkid unit is designed for placement on a pickup truck or on a trailer, and comes equipped with a 200-gallon tank and an 18 hp Waterous pump. Unique to the TurboSkid is its ability to rapidly mix TetraKO while a vehicle is in route to an emergency. Turning on the system just prior to departure initiates mixing; the TetraKO will be ready for use within minutes.

The TetraKO TurboMixer unit is an engineered, assembled system that facilitates large batch mixing of TetraKO powder concentrate with 500-gallons of water for rapid off-loading to any fire apparatus and even to backpack sprayers. The TurboMixer assembly utilizes an optional Waterous pump to thoroughly circulate and mix the TetraKO solution within 5-7 minutes. With the TurboSkid or TurboMixer and TetraKO water enhancer, a firefighter possesses the best tools for excellent knockdown, laying a wetline, mop up, and coating structures.

TetraKO technology is independently certified biodegradable and non-toxic, and has proven to be far superior to water and Class-A foam in firefighting. It has independently passed all NFPA 18A standards (except for the miscibility test, which is design for a liquid concentrate versus TetraKO’s powder form), TetraKO was acknowledged in an extensive white paper by the Technology Council and Wildland Policy Council of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) titled “Next Generation Water Enhancer for Fire Protection and Suppression in Wildland and Structural Applications.”

“We continue to develop and test the TetraKO technology, most notably at Texas A & M, and the world-renowned Texas Engineering Extension Service,” added Bocklund. “The data collected at TEEX demonstrated that TetraKO™ yielded a nearly 91% efficiency increase over water alone, and an 86% increase over Class A foam.”

TetraKO is a patented cornstarch-based water enhancer that transforms ordinary water into an adhering gel that is dramatically more effective at attacking, suppressing, and containing fires.

TetraKO water enhancer is the first (and only) fire suppression product to earn EPA’s Designed for the Environment (DfE) recognition under the new Industrial/Institutional product category “Fire Fighting Product”, satisfying the need for a highly effective, and environmentally safe fire suppression alternative.


About TetraKO, LLC

TetraKO, LLC is a company that helps firefighters attack, suppress, and contain fires. TetraKO LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of EarthClean Corporation, a Minnesota-based clean technology company whose mission is to develop and introduce environmentally friendly and biodegradable technologies. A team of engineers, scientists, and firefighters developed TetraKO water enhancer. Visit www.tetraKO.com for more information and to see the product in action. 

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