TEAM Produces Advanced Wedge Kit

Twenty years after TEAM introduced the PW60 Wood Plug and Wedge Kit designed for hazmat leak sealing operations, it is offering the advanced MW104 TEAM MAXIWEDGE Kit.

TEAM described the product as the most comprehensive wood wedge kit available for hazmat emergencies involving the controlling of liquid, gas and bulk material leaks in both mobile and stationary containers.

The company said the new kit offers greater versatility by increasing leak-sealing solutions to problems resulting from punctures, gashes, slits and slashes in tanks, cylinders and containers.

The MW104 MAXIWEDGE KIT contains 104 various sized wedges from 5/8 inch to 4 inches in height and up to 10 inches in width. Small to large leaks can be controlled easier, according to the company.

Also included in the new MAXIWEDGE kit is a variety of conical wood plugs ranging in sizes from 1 inch to 5 inch.

All wedges and plugs are precision manufactured from softwoods to near perfect sizes, according to the company. When soaked in liquid, softwood will slightly swell, forming a tighter seal.

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