Alaska is the latest state to certify the portables and mobiles of Tait Radio Communications onto its P25 statewide digital radio network.

As part of its P25 digital trunked and conventional radio solutions, Tait offers P25 digital TP9135, TP9140, TP9155 and TP9160 portables and TM9135 and TM9155 mobile radios. All, according to the company, have been tested with several leading manufacturers’ radios and infrastructure so they can be easily added to statewide network radio fleets.

Tait TP9100 portables and TM9100 mobiles have been certified on the following APCO P25 trunked radio networks:

  • Alaska Land Mobile Radio
  • Arkansas Wireless Information Network
  • Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado
  • StarCom 21, Illinois
  • Michigan Public Safety Communications System
  • Wyolink, Wyoming
“The certification of Tait on these statewide networks offers radio users better value for the money and reduces the chances of being locked into one P25 radio vendor,” said Steve Cragg, the president of Tait Radio Communications for the Americas region. “Tait adds more competition to the market, so effectively these states will get more for taxpayers’ money. One radio doesn’t fit the needs and applications of all users.”

He said some American users have described Tait portables as the most robust P25 radios available.

In addition to being approved on statewide networks, Tait is an inaugural participant in the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP). In May 2009, Tait was among only four land mobile radio manufacturers to be named by the United States federal government as having a recognized P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) laboratory.

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