Sycamore (OH) Looks to Sell Fire Apparatus

Sycamore Township’s fire department is considering the sale of a spare pumper truck.

Interim Fire Chief Rob Penny said that he’s looking to sell the truck because it’s rusting and the department doesn’t use it anymore. He added the truck was the first one the department bought in 1995.

Penny said the next truck above it is also a spare truck, and the pumper on it is refurbished but working.

Greg Bickford, acting administrator/planning and zoning director, said the township can advertise it for other departments to bid on it, but could also put it on the Hamilton County Auction surplus website to see what it would fetch there.

Penny said he’s hoping to get about $8,000 to $10,000 for the truck. He added that before selling it, he’s taking several parts off it to keep in the department, such as a working diesel generator.

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