Sycamore (OH) Considers Ambulance Purchase

Sycamore Township (OH) is considering a new ambulance to replace the current 2001 Medic 92 ambulance.

The Board of Trustees recently approved spending $227,500 to buy a 2014 ambulance.

Fire Chief Perry Gerome said in his proposal to the board that he expects EMS responses to increase with a third ambulance in service, and wants to replace it because of its age.

Gerome added that the ambulance has been out at least 45 times since it was put back into service, which brings in more money to the township by billing the patient.

The new ambulance will take about six to eight months to arrive after ordering, according to the proposal.

The board will vote on the purchase of a new ambulance at its trustees’ meeting on Oct. 3, and the current one will likely be used as a reserve.

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