Sycamore (IL) Fire Officials Need Help Restoring Vintage Fire Apparatus

Sycamore Fire Preservation Company, a nonprofit organization made up of former and current members of the Sycamore Fire Department, is trying to raise $25,000 to restore a 1923 Stutz fire truck, the city’s first motorized fire engine.

“If we don’t keep the engine in town, then that history is gone,” said Marc Doty, Sycamore Fire Department’s assistant fire chief. “We feel very strongly about trying to keep this in town.”

The Sycamore Fire Department bought the fire truck in September 1923. According to city records, its first call was in November 1923 to a chimney fire on North Main Street in Sycamore.

The fire truck, which still faintly bears the name “Sycamore” on the side of the hood, spent time with at least four different owners in both Wisconsin and Indiana. It was removed from active service in 1957 and sold at a public auction in 1967.

Sycamore got the fire truck back after its owner sent a letter to the fire department in 2001 indicating he wanted to sell it. That August, the 1923 Stutz fire truck was returned to Sycamore.

Sycamore Fire Preservation Company will distribute fliers April 28 for donations.

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