Sutphen Introduces Rear-Mount Aerial

At FDIC International, 2016, Sutphen is offering a first ever rear-mount aerial ladder. “The SLR 75 is the first in the new line of rear mounts, and we plan to expand the line in the near future,” says Alissa McGlone, marketing and trade show manager for Sutphen Corp. “If attendees haven’t seen it yet, I strongly encourage you to come by our booth or check out our social media pages and Web stie for all the details. This is a first for Sutphen, and we are excited to offer another solution to our firefighters’ needs.” She adds that when it comes to aerials, “We want to change the way firefighters think about Sutphen.”

FDIC International is well known as a show where fire service vendors introduce new innovations. But, McGlone says that the most important part of exhibiting at FDIC International is the attendee. “As a company, when we make a commitment to exhibit, we make a commitment to the attendee that we will put our best product on that show floor and that we will make sure attendees see everything Sutphen has to offer at its absolute best,” she says. “We want to impress the attendees and have them walk away saying, ‘That is the fire truck manufacturer I want to build my next truck.’ We do it all for them.”

McGlone adds that for attendees, the exhibit floor is something they do not want to miss. “Attendees have access to the industry’s premier manufacturers of equipment—large and small,” she says. “The industry’s best and most innovative products are on display. This is definitely the place to be if you are looking to spec or buy equipment.”

McGlone adds that the atmosphere is a big part of the show. “FDIC International is truly an event centered around the advancement of the industry and the firefighter,” she says. “When you combine the best in education and training, exposure to industry and equipment nnovation, along with community and team building events, it’s just something that you can’t help but want to be a part of. The atmosphere is electric!”

As shown at the show, here are some specs:

  • Sutphen 62-inch extended cab with flat roof
  • 206-inch wheelbase
  • 11-foot, 9-inch travel height
  • 38-foot, 3-inch travel length
  • Four-door, six-person cab
  • 400-hp Cummins ISL 9 Engine
  • Allison Gen 5 EVS3000 Automatic Transmission
  • Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pump
  • 300-gallon tank
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 222 cubic feet of compartment space
  • Seon 360 degree camera system
  • 24-Inch Bumper
  • 10-kW Smart Power Generator
  • Body chute ladder storage

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