Keeping the Momentum Going at FDIC International 2017

Sutphen Corporation’s SLR 75 introduced at FDIC International 2016. (Photo by Tim Olk.)

By Chris Mc Loone

At FDIC International 2016, Sutphen introduced its first rear-mount aerial as it revealed its SLR 75 for the first time to attendees. According to Alissa McGlone, marketing and trade show manager for Sutphen, the company will be building on the positive response its first rear-mount aerial has received. “Sutphen continues to focus on growing our already extensive line of aerial products at this year’s FDIC,” says McGlone. “We will release the newest member of our rear-mount aerial ladder product line, the SLR 108. We’ve had tremendous response to the SLR 75 we unveiled last year, so we are excited to keep that momentum going with the 108-foot version.”

FDIC International is a suitable venue for such an introduction, given its importance for meeting current and potential end users. “For Sutphen, the most important part of exhibiting at FDIC is meeting the attendees who come from all over the United States and internationally,” comments McGlone. “There’s nothing we love more than meeting with attendees from all ranks in the fire service and talking to them about their job and how Sutphen can make a different in their departments and their jobs.” McGlone adds that Sutphen’s mission is to build the safest, most reliable fire apparatus in the world through innovation and customer focus. “It is the connection we make with the attendees at FDIC that makes that mission a reality for us,” she says. “We speak to them about the challenges they face on the job and how our apparatus can help. We take those conversations back to the factory and get to work. FDIC gives us the opportunity to meet with more firefighters than we could anywhere else.

And, according to McGlone, the conference and exhibition also benefit attendees by exposing them to the best of the best. “They have the opportunity to see the best of the best that is available in the fire service industry,” she says. “There are advancements being made constantly, and new products are being released every year. Even if they were here last year or the year before, they’re guaranteed to see something and exciting this year.”

McGlone explains further why firefighters and suppliers should not want to miss this event. “FDIC International has proven to be the best of the best, year after year. Whether it is educational classes, hands-on training, or checking out the best that the industry has to offer in products, you can’t go wrong by making the trip as an attendee,” she says. “If you are a supplier in the industry and want to get up close and personal with the fire and EMS professionals that will use your products, you don’t want to miss this show.

FDIC International attendees can see Sutphen’s new SLR 108 at booth 3123.

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