Surplus Equipment of Stafford (VA) Attracts Nationwide Attention


The Stafford County Fire & Rescue Department is selling surplus vehicles and equipment used by the department online to people across the country.

According to Mark Doyle, the Assistant Chief of the department, there’s a mixture of items in various conditions.

“The [items] we’re selling are surplus that we’ve taken out of service — some of it has been out of service for some time,” said Doyle, continuing, “Two of the units that are currently on the auction were just taken out of service, because we’re replacing them with new units.”

Some of the units are being sold because they are no longer serviceable and are being sold for parts.

Among the currently listed items, there are several ambulances, as well as a 1991 Grumman Fire pump truck.

None of the items have a minimum bid, and will go for whatever the highest offered bid is, said Doyle.

The surplus auctions are a standard practice for Stafford County departments, as a way to recoup some of the costs for older equipment and vehicles.

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