Summit Township (MI) Fire Department Receives Second Fire Apparatus

Firefighters received this week the second of two new twin Rosenbauer $540,000 fire engines custom built for the township fire department.

Saturday, Feb. 7, they were outfitting Engine 41 with hoses and equipment in preparation for its first emergency calls. The other new truck, Engine 19, has been in service since October.

A truck committee assembled in January 2013 and the township approved the purchases the same year. It took a little more than a year for each engine to be built in South Dakota, said Capt. Scott Stoker, who served on the committee.

With the new engines, the fire department is downsizing its fleet to three, including a ladder truck acquired in 2008. It sold two small rescue trucks, used for medical emergencies, and a 1986 fire engine that had mostly been out of service. A 1996 fire engine with 97,000 miles and some maintenance needs still sits in the bay at the main fire station, but it also is being sold, Stoker said Saturday.

Firefighters now will respond to medical emergencies with the fire engines. This way they will have all they need to fight a fire no matter where they might be. This was not the case with the small trucks, which could not carry all the fire gear.

Engine 41, more energy efficient than its predecessors and expected to last 15 years, is basically “all in one,” Stoker said. It carries 750 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam, emergency medical supplies and new vehicle stabilization equipment to aid firefighters’ rescue efforts at the scenes of vehicle crashes.

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