Summerside (PEI, Canada) Celebrates Latest Apparatus with Old “New” Tradition

SFD firefighters gathered to push the truck into its new home, a tradition that dates back to the early 1800s.

According to a report from CBC, the Summerside Fire Department (SFD), located on Prince Edward Island, Canada, unveiled its new pumper truck.

The department marked its arrival with a centuries-old North American fire service tradition: SFD firefighters gathered to push the truck into its new home. This action dates back to the early 1800s, when departments would pull steam engines or the hand pumpers with horses, and the horses were unable to back them into the station.

SFD Ron Enman noted that its been done across North America since that time, and he thought it would be something they’d start doing in Summerside.

The new pumper replaces a 25-year-old apparatus that was near the end of its life span. Enman said the pumper is the same model as the other two pumpers at the station, so current SFD firefighters would not need much training on it.

The new SFD pumper cost $681,000.

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