Suburban Iowa Fire Departments Consider Merger

The Clive fire station located near 86th Street and Harbach Boulevard may be a fire station shared by both Clive and Windsor Heights if all goes according to plan.

The Windsor Heights Fire Department is running out of firefighters. Making it harder than ever to get enough full-time and paid on-call personnel to respond to emergencies.

“We’re not bringing in enough people in to replenish our ranks as we’re losing people to attrition,” Windsor Heights Fire Chief Christopher Cross said.

Next door, the Clive Fire Department helps out Windsor Heights, which is why both chiefs want to make it official: Merge the departments into one. The merger would save money for both departments, like the cost of a new fire engine.

“When you’re talking one city saving a purchase of $400,000, that’s significant money,” said Clive Fire Chief Rick Roe.

The merger would also save time, which is the top priority of any life-saving operation like a fire department.

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