Stuck Bernalillo County (NM) Concerns Some Residents

A fire truck that got stuck in the middle of a construction site has neighbors in the South Valley concerned.

Bernalillo County asks residents, like Lopez and Aragon, to be patient as a $3 million dollar storm drain is installed along the road.

The road is closed to through traffic, with the exception of people who live in the construction zone and the fire department.

But on Tuesday night, BCFD firefighters didn’t know what they were getting into.

“When you have construction, as firefighters we try to stay on top of those things,” BCFD Chief Chris Celaya said.

Bernalillo County’s Engine 32 got into a bit of a bind.

“Sometimes we just have to get to that location,” Celaya said.

While looking for smoke in the area, the engine got stuck in the soft dirt right in the middle of the construction zone.

“If we’re responding and we have any issue that’s going to affect the response, we’ll immediately send additional crews,” he said.

Even so, neighbors say the County should at least try to keep a stuck truck from happening.

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