Stockton (CA) Adding Smaller Fire Apparatus for Medical Calls

The Stockton Fire Department (CA) wants to put one two man truck, called a “Squad” on the road for non-life threatening medical calls.

In 2012 alone, the department took over 40,000 calls for service.

Twenty-thousand, or half of those calls, were medical calls adding miles and wear and tear to the fleet of Stockton fire engines. Those engines and ladder trucks aren’t exactly fuel efficient, burning 2.5 miles per gallon for every heart attack, sprained ankle and splinter.

Fire Chief Jeff Piechura says 9,000 of the city’s 20,000 medical calls would have fit that category last year.

The “Squad” would be a large utility vehicle, not unlike a PG&E truck and get between eight and 12 miles per gallon and cost $175,000. In other cities, the average “Squad” lasts four to six years.

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