Stewart Simmons NC Fire Apparatus Collides with Car

Four people with injuries were transported to medical care after a Stewart Simmons Fire Department (NC) truck and a Toyota Prius collided.

Three who were injured were in the Prius, as was the driver of the fire vehicle.

Both vehicles were traveling south on Old U.S. 421. The fire truck, which is believed to have been in route to a woods fire nearby, was traveling in the opposite lane of traffic in a passing zone, going around vehicles that had stopped, when the Prius turned left into a driveway ahead of the fire truck, which t-boned the Prius.

At the scene, the Prius, located in a field a few dozen yards north of the highway, was significantly damaged on the driver’s side of the vehicle, with airbags deployed. The Stewart Simmons Fire Department vehicle was damaged on the front passenger side.

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