Stevens County (WA) Dash Cam Stolen

The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office was called in to investigate the theft of a camera from an Arden fire station.

Reports said that crews from the all-volunteer fire department saw two men in hoodies running away from a truck parked outside the station early Monday.

Officials said firefighters had just gotten back to the station after fighting the Marble Valley Hill fire were back for only five minutes, when they said those two people broke in and stole a dashboard camera.

Fire Chief Joe Paccerelli said the dashboard camera has footage of crews battling the Marble Valley fire, which has burned more than 3,000 acres northwest of Addy. Paccerelli said firefighters worked close to 136 hours non-stop to get the fire under control.

“The way they came in and got into the equipment they had to be watching the station cause they walked in and ran out,” Paccerelli said.

Officials said the two thieves got away ransacked the fire truck stealing several items. Crews are not listing off all of what was taken in hopes of getting them back and a dash camera.

Paccerelli said the trucks were parked outside so other regional fire crews helping with the fire could sleep inside.

Missing equipment not only puts the firefighters in danger, but it puts those they are called to help in danger as well.

“Let’s say it’s a life and death medical call, we jump in the truck we have trauma bags cause we’re medics, and they get there and their bags are destroyed and there’s stuff missing,” Paccerelli said.

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