Stat-X First Responder

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Stat-X First Responder

New Jersey Utility Buys Stat-X Aerosol Suppression Devices

Fireaway LLC said Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, is outfitting its fleet of service trucks with Stat-X First Responders, advanced aerosol-based fire suppression devices that can be tossed into a burning manhole to suppress a blaze within seconds. 

“Stat-X First Responders are hand-held fire suppression devices for enclosed spaces that are clean, compact, cost effective and safe for the environment,” said James F. Lavin, chief executive officer of Fireaway, which makes the product. “It is ideal for confined spaces.”

Fireaway President Marc V. Gross said Stat-X First Responders use the same highly effective, proprietary aerosol fire-extinguishing agent as the company’s fixed Stat-X extinguishing systems, which are Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) listed. 

“The safety of our underground employees is of paramount importance to us,” said John Latka, PSE&G’s vice-president of electric operations. “After testing Stat-X at our Edison training center, we decided to outfit our 250 underground service trucks with this new device.” 

Assisted by the Edison Fire Department, Fireaway representatives ignited five gallons of diesel fuel in a simulated manhole, driving the interior temperature higher than 500 degrees. A thermal imaging camera inside documented the action when the Stat-X First Responder canister was tossed into the manhole. Within seconds, the fire was completely out and temperatures began to drop.

Fireaway LLC is a privately held company founded in 2005 to aggressively commercialize condensed aerosol technology for use in innovative extinguishing systems and new firefighting strategies.

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