St. Johns County (FL) to Combine Two Fire Stations

Two fire stations — located in one of the busiest parts of St. Augustine — are about to merge to become one fire station.

Fire Station 5 in the St. Augustine South neighborhood is in poor shape, according to St. Johns County Fire Chief Carl Shank. The building is on the older side, dating back to the 1980s. One of the main concerns is the metal support beams that are rusting. Shank said two engineering reports have shown Station 5 needs to be replaced.

Station 5 in the St. Augustine South area and Station 11 in the St. Augustine Shores neighborhood were both built to serve as volunteer fire stations.

But the population has boomed over the decades. Now, both stations are fully staffed and showing problems such as mold, rot, and so much rust that the visible support beams needed to be bolted down to the floor recently in station 5, according to Shank.

Referring to both stations, “I would not even occupy them during a tropical storm,” Shank noted.

Instead of paying to build two new stations, St. Johns County will build one big, up-to-date fire station.

“So we should be saving $1.4 million by going into one station,” Shank said.

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