St. Croix Falls (WI) Council to Decide on Fire Apparatus

Citing the need to make a more informed decision concerning the purchase of a new quint fire truck, St. Croix Falls Mayor Brian Blesi asked the council to hold off on a vote at the June 9 council meeting. 

Council members tabled the item, electing to bring it back at the June 30 meeting. 

The new fire truck will cost roughly $850,000, with the city reducing that number through grants and the sale of old equipment. City Administrator Joel Peck estimated that the city will have to finance between $450-500,000 to pay for the truck. 

Facing numerous questions with few concrete answers, Peck asked for a recess to gather necessary materials. Blesi recommended the issue be recessed for two weeks. 

“I think we’re asking the council to make a 30-year decision without being fully informed and so my sense of the table is that we need to take the next two-weeks before the next council meeting to actually re-socialize the need and do the math on the cost,” Blesi said. “This was a good discussion, but I don’t think we’re in a place where I can ask these four people to make a spend decision that will affect taxpayers for the next 30 years.”

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