Springfield MO Technician Keeps Fire Apparatus In Service

Technician Shaun Sigrest ensures the safety of Springfield Fire Department’s (MO) fire trucks.

While Sigrest prefers to stay behind the scenes, it’s his work that’s critical for firefighters to save lives.

“The burden of keeping our firefighters moving and rolling and on the streets, kind of rests on Shaun’s shoulders,” says Asst. Fire Chief Randy Villines.

Sigrest is responsible for maintaining more than 20 fire trucks, oftentimes putting in 10-hour days.

“We could potentially have a life-threatening situation where if the pump didn’t work, we couldn’t provide water, we might not be able to save someone, or our firefighters might be at risk within that structure,” adds Villines.

Sigrest’s commitment to maintenance earned him the national title of EVT of the Year by the Fire Department Safety Officers Association.

“There were some pretty good mechanics. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it, but I ended up getting it.”

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