Spartan ERV Announces Pumper Aerial at FDIC

Spartan ERV showcased its new multi-function pumper aerial – the MPA 65’ that comes from the Spartan/Gimaex joint venture – at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Ind.The MPA 65’ at $350,000 to $425,000 is a price and performance breakthrough, offering a combination of technologies that will redefine emergency response, according to Dennis Schneider, President, Spartan Emergency Response.

“The Spartan ERV MPA 65’ is a complete apparatus that is well suited for today’s tight budget marketplace,” says Schneider. “We tapped into the aerial expertise of Gimaex, combined the latest, cutting-edge technologies into a versatile 65-foot ladder on a single rear axle, and we’re able to provide a price point that can be 30% less than the competition. It all adds up to the first complete pumper-aerial-rescue apparatus that fits the needs and budget for fire and rescue departments around the country.”

In the U.S., there are over 24,000 fire departments that do not have an aerial device, and the primary reason is cost. Pumpers are the baseline apparatus for every fire department. The MPA 65’ price point is a breakthrough and a versatile multi-function pumper. It is a redefining product ideally suited for today’s price-sensitive marketplace.

This multifunctional apparatus encompasses all the features of a QUINT.

The MPA 65’ pumper: (equipped for suppression) allows trucks to be configured with a 1,250-1,500 gallon-per-minute pump, 1,000 gallon-per-minute telescopic aerial waterway and can carry up to 500 gallons of water.

The MPA 65’ aerial: (equipped for elevated operations) possesses a three-section, 65-foot lightweight, aluminum ladder on a single axle, multi-axis aerial controls and an automatic ladder leveling system and envelope controls to simplify setup and enhance safety.

The MPA 65’ rescue: (equipped for the field) engineered for quick deployment. A proprietary body system that reduces weight and offers easy storage, with 400 cubic feet of compartment space.

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