Spartan Chassis Announces Advanced Protection System

Spartan Chassis, Inc., a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc. has introduced their Advanced Protection System (APS), on display at Fire Rescue International 2012, August 3 – 4, in Denver (CO).

The APS is a safety system that contains a number of industry firsts and significant improvements to existing safety standards. Some of these include:

1. Up to eight airbags in the cab with four industry-first airbag positions.

2. Outboard sensors that control airbag deployments from multi-angle impacts. This protects firefighters from front and side-impact collisions, and rollovers, features the competition cannot offer.

3. Side curtain airbags up to 700 percent larger than the competition to reduce risk of occupant ejection.

4. An intelligent seatbelt system that controls the strain of the seat belt on each occupant.
The final new element in the Advanced Protection System is the new, industry-first, intelligent seat belt system which keeps the occupant into the seat in the event of an impact, or rollover.

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