Southside Annexation Brings Need for Fire Station in Corpus Christi (TX)

After years of setbacks, the city may finally build Fire Station #18. Voters approved more than $2-million to build that station but the city has kept the project on hold for the past six years.

Fire Station #18 is supposed to be built on Ayers between Saratoga and Holly. Because of the annexation, the Fire Chief says the need is finally here and the project will happen.

Back in May, when the city announced they put the project on hold, may Westside residents were upset. “If anything happens, God forbid, to any of my children or any other children at the daycare as a concerned mother, I will pursue any and all viable options that I have to sue the city of Corpus Christi,” said Westside homeowner Ms. Thomas.

The station has been on hold because of a study the city conducted in March, saying the fire station wasn’t needed yet. But now it’s back on the books.

“I believe that new developments have added to the need,” said Fire Chief Robert Rocha about the fire station. The new developments being the annexation of property on Chapman Ranch.

Right now Fire Stations 6,14, and 17 are the ones taking calls from the annexed area. Firefighters say it’s taken them up to 20 minutes to get to a home in the annexed area. They believe if the city would build Fire Station #18 here, It could help. “Our Southside fire trucks are very busy, so are the ambulances, and when they’re out on calls Fire Station #18 will help as a back up station to that area,” said Fire Association President Carlos Torres.

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