South Salem FD (CT) Considers Fire Apparatus Purchase

The volunteer firefighters in the South Salem Fire Department (SSFD) got a first-hand look at a possible new addition to their fire  engine fleet — a 42-foot-long fire truckthat would expand the SSFD’s abilities to respond to emergencies, according to Fire Chief Ian Llewellyn.

The ladder truck falls in line with a recommendation from an aerial  needs assessment commissioned by the SSFD in October 2012 to determine need. The report cites the various  challenges the fire district faces, such as reaching many locations that include long, winding and narrow driveways, as well as multi-story mansions with greater fire loads (a  measurement of the how severe a fire could be) than the Cross River shopping center, according to the report, which is available at

The report recommends a used aerial ladder truck, rather than a new truck, that would save the district money and provide greater ladder  access. The demonstration truck the SSFD inspected is a demonstration truck thathas 7,500 miles on it.

The truck would increase both portable and aerial ladder capabilities  for the district, and would take into account many  of the report’s recommendations, including having a wheelbase smaller  than 252 inches so as to more easily navigate through the fire district.

The SSFD’s prospective truck has a wheelbase of 225 inches and a 100-foot attached ladder.

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