Rusted Frame on Vermont Aerial Needs Expensive Repairs

South Burlington Fire Department/Facebook Photo

The South Burlington (VT) Fire Department ladder truck has a rusty frame and needs $152,000 in repairs to keep it in service.

According to a newspaper article published by Vermont Community Newspaper Group, the aerial failed its annual third-party inspection which failed last year.

While the apparatus has been out of service, an aerial from the nearby Burlington has responded to calls, the newspaper reported.

It is expected that repair work will begin in October or November and it will take about four months to be completed meaning the truck would be back in service in February, the paper reported.

VTCNG reported the truck’s main frame and the torque box need repairs to keep the truck in service. The alternative is to purchase a new truck years ahead of schedule. It is expected that the repairs will extend the life of the apparatus for five to seven years, the paper reported.

A new type of paint coating is expected to be applied to the new frame which is expected to reduce the effects of corrosion from the salt slurry applied to roads in Vermont for winter treatment, the paper reported.

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