Somervell County (TX) 2016 Spartan ER/International

Photos and Write-Up courtesy of Lindsay Dye

Engine 1 was placed into service with the Somervell County (TX) Fire Department in October, 2016. The cab is an International 4400 four-door model with seating for 5. The body is Spartan ER’s Legend model and is constructed of formed aluminum. Full-depth compartments and roll up doors are on each side of the body with hinged and roll-up doors on the rear. Metro Fire’s shop performed custom set up and installation of tools and equipment.

The power is provided by a Navistar N9 330-hp engine and an Allison EVS 3000 five-speed transmission with pushbutton controls. The apparatus has a Hale DSD single stage, top mount 1,500-gpm pump along with a Pro Poly 1,000-gallon tank and Newton dump valve in the rear.

The hosebed accommodates 1,000 feet of 5-inch LDH, 200 feet of 3-inch hose, and 200 feet of 2-inch hose coupled down to a 1.5-inch smooth bore. The front bumper contains a 200 feet of 1¾-inch hose (100 feet is connected to a 1.5 inch discharge and 100 feet is a dry lay). Two 1¾-inch speedlays (200 feet on the top lay and 150 feet on the bottom lay) are located on the lower front of the pump panel. A Task Force Tips Hurricane deck gun (Model # XFIF-PLNJ) is mounted on top of the pump panel.

Warning lights include a Whelen Freedom Model FN60QLED Lightbar (60 inch) along with Whelen M6 Super LED lights on the body perimeter and two Whelen Model L31 beacons on the rear corners of the body. Scene lighting is provided by Whelen Model 900 lights along with a Pioneer Shadow Series Command telescoping light mounted on the cab roof and a 20-inch Rigid Industries E Series bar mounted through the front bumper. Audio warning devices include a bumper-mounted Federal Q2B siren and a Whelen Model 295SLSA-1 siren module connected to two Whelen 100-Watt speakers mounted behind the front bumper.

Dealer: Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists-Houston, TX
Representative-Josh Slovak, Territorial Manager 

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