Some Raleigh (NC) Residents Concerned with New Fire Station

Raleigh City Council voted unanimously to approve the purchase of 1.63 acres of land at 3510 Harden Road. The land would be used for construction of a new fire station, one that would replace Fire Station 14.

During a Public Works committee meeting, residents of the neighborhoods near the location where the fire station will be built argued their case that the fire station needs to be built somewhere else.

Tom West said that most of the residents had just found out about the new fire station location just before the October 7 City Council meeting, when Councilor Gaylord referred the issue to the Public Works committee in response to concerns from the nearby neighborhood.

The noise of the fire engines would be intrusive for the neighborhood of 170 homes that is just a block away from the new fire station location. Of particular concern was the use of sirens during the early morning hours. Residents noted that trash pickup didn’t operate during the early morning hours because of the noise those trucks would cause.

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