Smeal and Gimeax International announce strategic partnership

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. and Gimaex International today announced that they have established a strategic teaming relationship to share aerial apparatus technologies and operating best practices. The relationship is intended to enhance both companies’ product offerings in terms of safety, performance and technology.
“Innovation forms the foundation for enhanced performance. We have a deep and serious commitment to leading the North American market in aerial apparatus safety, performance and technological enhancements. Our new relationship with Gimaex International, a global, innovation leader in aerial and industrial fire apparatus, will provide opportunities for each of us to learn, adapt and innovate faster,” said Mark Huber, Smeal’s president.
Huber continued, “The fire service deserves the best and our promise is to continue to provide outstanding, more innovative and safer apparatus. That’s the driving reason behind the Smeal-Gimaex arrangement. The objective of this collaborative relationship is to combine our complementary capabilities, technologies and processes to deliver safer, more innovative products to fire departments and industrial
customers worldwide.”
“Smeal and Gimaex are uniquely compatible in that we have each taken a progressive approach to R&D, product development and dealer development. That allows us to deliver exceptional products and service to customers on a global basis and has helped create significant growth for both companies. Our reputations have been built on results, not ‘smoke and mirrors.’” said Louis Devaleix, chief executive
officer, Gimaex of the Americas. “This progressive philosophy and mutual respect characterize our
strategic relationship.”
In addition to the collaboration on technology and production, Gimaex’ international distribution network will become involved in the sale of Smeal™ fire apparatus, with particular focus on expanding market penetration in South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
“We have seen a significant increase in demand for American-style fire apparatus in our global markets, and our relationship with Smeal will allow us to address these customer requirements with an industryleading product offering under the Smeal and LTC brands,” continued Devaleix.

Gimaex International will exhibit 25 apparatus including a Smeal CORE™ Multi-Mission Pumper with OMNI™ Control System in their stand #M09 at Interschutz 2015, June 8 – 13, 2015 in Hannover, Germany.
“John Witt, president of Safetek Emergency Vehicles Ltd., our largest dealer, came to us with a unique opportunity to potentially collaborate with Gimaex. When a professional with John’s stature in the industry as it relates to global aerial technologies says you should take a look at something, it is best to listen. I am glad we did,” explained Huber.
Gimaex International
Gimaex International is one of the top three European fire apparatus manufacturers, ranking first in overal lsales in France and forestry firefighting vehicles in the Mediterranean region. Ongoing investment in R&D, production capabilities and innovation has resulted in many Gimaex patents and a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles. The Gimaex product line includes municipal fire apparatus; aerial booms, ladders and platforms; road rescue vehicles; forestry firefighting; HazMat vehicles; NBC detection; airport crash tenders; PODs; industrial tankers and more. Headquartered in Paris, France, Gimaex exports to more  than 30 countries and has facilities and dealers on every continent. For more details, visit

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co.
Smeal Fire Apparatus Co., including US Tanker Fire Apparatus LLC and Ladder Tower Co., is recognized as a premier manufacturer, inventor and innovator of customized fire apparatus. The company offers a full line of custom and commercial pumpers, rescue pumpers, mini and rescue pumpers, stainless steel tanker / tenders, aerial ladders, platforms, TDA’s, wildland, and urban interface vehicles. Smeal is committed to leading the industry in high quality fire apparatus, delivery times and customer experience. Smeal sells its products worldwide and is based in Snyder, Neb. To learn more, visit

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