SmartPlug Systems Makes Emergency Vehicles Safer

Emergency vehicles employ many sophisticated onboard systems that must perform in adverse conditions and under strict requirements.  This makes power delivery critical to the success of any emergency response. 

SmartPlug Systems’ power delivery system is designed to replace the outdated and problematic twist-type style traditionally used. The safer, more cost-effective solution is already employed by a prominent ambulance company in Virginia, which retrofitted its entire emergency vehicle fleet, and the Antioch Rescue Squad in Illinois.

With 30 amp systems already offered, a 50 amp range is currently in development and should be available soon. Utilizing the same footprint of the twist-lock system makes retrofitting with the SmartPlug easy.

It’s very price competitive when compared to other alternative power delivery systems. The SmartPlug’s 3′ pigtails with a straight blade adapter ensures that the emergency vehicle operator will never pull the socket out of the wall.

The SmartPlug plug and inlet helps protect against the two leading causes of fire and electrocution, unstable connections and overheating, with its innovative shape and secure locking mechanisms. Due to an innovative shape, it can only be plugged in one way. SmartPlug is effortless to orient and connect, even in the dark.

With a revolutionary locking system, SmartPlug decreases the risk of faulty connections. Locks on both sides of the plug snap into the inlet so users can feel and hear the positive connection. A solid, stable electrical union is further ensured by a stainless steel inlet cover lock that hooks onto the rear of the plug.

Its straight electrical pins provide a 20 times greater contact area than thin, curved pins found on round-style plugs. Once the sleeve is aligned, the three blades slide straight into the connector, no twisting is required. A built-in thermostat automatically shuts off electrical current around 200˚F to prevent overheating. It automatically resets at 100˚F.

Contact SmartPlug Systems, 2288 W Commodore Way #300, Seattle, WA 98199. 206-285-2990; Fax: 206-285-2981.;

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