Smartbrake Releases New Secondary Braking Product

Smartbrake USA, a manufacturer of engine retardation brakes, has developed a new product called The VPS Brake.

The VPS Brake is designed to overcome the problem of stuck butterfly-style exhaust brakes while providing powerful secondary braking, said company officials.

The Smartbrake VPS can be fitted to Caterpillar, Cummins and International engines, and ordered through the company’s distributor network.  Smartbrake,  makers of  non-fading secondary brake systems, have been in business 35 years, selling more than one million units worldwide.

Unlike fixed-orifice exhaust brakes using the butterfly design, the Smartbrake has a patented sliding gate system which automatically returns to the open position and remains outside the exhaust flow.

This means No engine backpressure is created when the VPS system is not being activated. Butterfly-type devices may stick closed and they also reduce the exhaust pipe flow about 23 percent, increasing backpressure, according to the company.

The product line of Smartbrake, headquartered in Detroit, Mich., produces a number of secondary braking devices that speed warm-up and maintain engine temperature to provide constant cab heat.

Constructed with oil-tempered silicon chrome springs and stainless steel pushrods and slide plates,  Smartbrake says its systems are almost maintenance free, requiring less than 30 minutes’ annual maintenance, and can be easily retrofitted.

For information call 888 437-7426 or go to

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