Smart Power Systems Introduces the First Generator Controls through SAE J1939 Format

REED CITY, MI—Smart Power has introduced an exciting and powerful control system for its generators using an SAE J1939 approved format that integrates with a vehicle’s multiplexing system.

John Woltman, president of Smart Power Systems, says the company’s generators “will uniquely provide trucks J1939-compatible communication plus advanced diagnostic capabilities.”

J1939 covers the design and use of devices that transmit electronic signals and control information among a vehicle’s components. When used as an application layer, J1939 provides important communications between the engine control, transmission control, vehicle body control, and other applicable subcontrol systems.

The patented Smart Power J1939 system gives the operator the advantage of monitoring and controlling the generator from any multiplex display.

The Smart Power Systems SAE J1939 integrated form provides remote diagnostics and control, both centralized or dispersed, Woltman says, allows for the lowest possible downtime through its advanced diagnostics, and improves generator systems downtime protection.

The system provides real-time vital operating parameters and diagnostics such as voltage, temperature, current, true system pressure, calculated load in kilowatts, and power factor, among others, Woltman adds. 

According to Dr. Demetris Agrotis, vice president, engineering, the important advantages of using the patented Smart Power J1939 system include the ability to control and monitor the generator system from any multiplex display, being able to customize the display for the information needed (based on the user’s requirements), and the operator’s power to view warnings and alarms in plain language from all multiplex displays and then take immediate action.

“Our systems retain their previous total electronic control functionality,” Agrotis points out, “with features such as cold start protection, overheat protection, soft start, service reminders, self diagnostics, fine-tuned frequency control, and more. By integrating with the vehicle’s central multiplexing system, it is easier to operate, and by having the generator tied into the central display, you will never miss a generator message, warning or alert.”

Other main elements of the improved system, besides the electronic control functions, are ease of operation, plain English messages and diagnostics, and the Command and Control Center, Agrotis says. 

During normal operation, the multiplexing screen shows basic vital information such as voltage, amperage draw, temperature, and hours on fluid filter in customizable, easy-to-read form. Optional menus are available, and turning the generator on and off is a single-button operation.

The Smart Power system also provides important information, dealing with issues such as fan faults, sensor faults, highest operating values reached (voltage, temperature, current), hours at excessive values, number of shutdown overrides performed, and the like.

The widely known Command and Control Center remains as a Smart Power standard system component for use in addition to, or in the absence of, a multiplexing system display. Its completely sealed design and solid state touch buttons allow it to be installed externally on the pump panel or next to a breaker box.

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