Smart Panel Delivers Full Pump Control

Responding to international customers who have been asking for a “European Style” control panel for complete pump operation, Darley now offers its new Smart Panel. While this style of panel has not been widely requested by our domestic customers, Darley looked closely at all the European panels and have incorporated the best features into one control.

The Smart Panel features high-resolution controls that can easily be read in sunlight with a WVGA 800 x 480 panel. It displays info such as engine data including battery voltage, oil pressure, temperature and rpm, inlet pressure, pump discharge pressure, set point, water tank level, foam tank level (optional), and air compressor temperature and pressure (optional).

Smart Panel features:

  • Ability to control engine speed through rpm mode
  • Ability to act as a pressure regulator in pressure mode
  • Settable preset in rpm and pressure modes
  • Ability to act as CAFS Commander (optional)
  • Rotary knob for setting pressure/rpm (push to force idle)
  • Ability to display discharge pressures (Optional, displayed on second page)
  • Forces back to your preset (not back to idle like others) and shows alarm on main page if cavitation is detected
  • Waterproof
  • Seven-inch high-contrast color LCD screen displays that image clearly, even in direct sunlight

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