Six Injured After Florida Fire Apparatus Overturns

Six people were injured after a Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue and silver Infiniti crashed in a Hollywood neighborhood.

The neighborhood was flooded with water after the fire rescue truck crashed into a fire hydrant.

Another car was seen in the front yard of a home with severe damage to the front of it while the truck was seen rolled on its side.

Authorities said a young couple was driving with an infant in the backseat, and said the fire truck was on its way to another accident when the crash happened.

They said the driver of the car was seriously injured, but the woman who was riding in the passenger seat suffered minor injuries.

A news conference was held later Thursday where Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez said the crash happened after the driver of the Infiniti failed to stop for an officer trying to conduct a traffic stop. He said the driver ran a stop sign and then crashed into the fire truck.

“We have six individuals who were hospitalized, five of which were transported to Memorial Regional and one to Broward General,” said Fernandez.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel also spoke at the news conference.

Israel said the three firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries. He said one of them is expected to be released sometime on Thursday.

According to Israel, one of the firefighters suffered what appears to be a minor shoulder injury, one possibly suffered a concussion and the other had bruising on his chest and shoulder.

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