Sioux Falls Gets New Ladder Fire Apparatus

While Sioux Falls isn’t known for skyscrapers, fighters believe the city has a need for a large ladder truck.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue firefighter Andy Wall said “I do have a little fear of heights, but it’s something you have to do on this job, and so it’s just repetition. Almost everyone has a fear of something.”

Ladder Truck 3 is one of the tallest in the country but it’s not just for reaching the sky.

“If a home or a business is far or a ways off the street, we need to be able to reach horizontally,” Wall said.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Mark Bukovich said “the event center, a great facility, but one of the issues that we have with that facility is the setback, where we can park the fire trucks, in order to reach the roof. This ladder truck will give us a great advantage of getting to the roof, if we ever need to.”

At a cost of nearly one million dollars, the 125 foot tall ladder is a big investment for Sioux Falls, which should last a long time.

“We get 20 years out of our fire trucks. That’s what we expect and we’ve been able to maintain that. It will have a long life in Sioux Falls serving the community,” Bukovich said.

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