Sinkhole Opens Underneath Poway (CA) Fire Apparatus

Public works crews were on the scene in Poway Monday, after a sinkhole opened up underneath a fire truck in the afternoon.

The truck was at a red light at Pomerado Road and Twin Peaks Road when three firefighters on board felt the vehicle shift. They soon realized the right front tire had popped through the asphalt and the truck was sunk up to the frame. Emergency crews were called to the scene and were able to pull the truck out.

No injuries were reported.

“We are probably very fortunate that it was a fire truck that popped through the hole and not a private citizen in their car,” said Fire Chief Jon Canavan. 

Crews were expected to return to the sinkhole, which was was five feet wide and eight feet deep, in a few days to make permanent repairs. They believe a pipe separated at a connecting pipe.

Geologists report that El Nino rains are agitating the ground under the streets and warn that more sinkholes will continue to form across the county.

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