Singer Associates Distributes Remote Fire Fighting Unit

Austria-made wireless remote-controlled mobile firefighting support unit
An Austria-made wireless remote-controlled mobile firefighting support unit is being marketed and distributed in North America by Singer Associates, Gainesville, Va.

Singer Associates is scheduling a series of demonstrations of a wireless remote-controlled mobile firefighting support unit that is imported from Austria.

Singer has the exclusive right to distribute the Rechner’s Ges M.B.H. LUF60 in North America, according to company officials, who said the demonstrations are planned for national and regional trade shows and conferences and can also be made by appointment. To view the 2007 schedule, go to

The unit is designed to clear a path of up to 1,000 feet by incorporating a high-capacity positive pressure ventilator and a water beam fog, a combination that clears away smoke, heat, toxic gases and reduces the intensity of the fire, officials said.

The diesel powered LUF60 can withstand severe operating conditions, according to the company, and was created for use in a variety of confined spaces, such as subway tunnels, aircraft hangers, power plants, warehouses, and commercial buildings, such as parking garages and underground malls.

Standard equipment includes a steel/cast aluminum water cannon with a hydraulically-driven ventilation fan, 360 high-pressure nozzles that produce an air flow stream of well over 53,000 cfm, and a wireless remote with spare battery and on-board charger.

Optional features include an additional ventilator that can be operated as a suction fan or as a positive pressure fan and a rail kit – a modular system which can be assembled on-site within minutes and driven on a railway system. The rail kit, in combination with the LUF60, is an ideal package for operational crews in rail and subway tunnel systems, company officials said.

Singer Associates, based in Virginia, sells and services emergency vehicles and supplies associated equipment, parts, and gear by representing a group of emergency apparatus and equipment manufacturers.

For information call 800-442-9700 or go to

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