Shreveport (LA) Airport Gets $900,000 Fire Apparatus

A new piece of life-saving equipment is now at the Shreveport Airport Authority’s disposal. It’s a $900,000 fire truck, purchased with funds secured by the state Transportation Committee.

Current SAA Fire Chief David Ebarb said the new truck has one more option than the current truck. “They both carry 3,000 gallons of water, 500 gallons of foam and 400 pounds of dry chem,” Ebarb says. “But this truck has the ability to pierce the side of an aircraft.”

Ebarb says when an aircraft comes in and it hits the ground, and it twists and it’s banged up, it’s hard to get a door open. “So to get a quick access inside, you use that shnozzel, which is on top of the truck,” he says. “It can pierce the side of an aircraft and get a rapid water curtain inside to provide the passengers with a quick way out.”

The difference between this truck and a normal fire truck is that this one can pump and roll — it can drive and spray water. Your average fire truck has to stay in one place, tied to a fire plug. The nozzels on the SAA’s truck spray at 250 gallons a minute, with 3,000 gallons on the truck. So you’re looking at about two minutes worth of firefighting capability, if the nozzels are sprayed at high flow continuously. But the airport’s firefighters are trained to spray intermittently.

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