Sheldon (IA) Fire Department to Lease a Pierce 100-Foot Aerial

Photo via Facebook

In need of a new aerial following a March accident, the Sheldon (IA) Fire Department (SFD) has decided to lease a 2005 Pierce Dash 100-foot platform, reports

During a recent city council meeting, and with SFD still doing its due diligence in finding a new aerial, the council opted to lease the unit.

Officials say Sheldon’s insurer will pay the cost of the lease, up to $100,000. The apparatus has been offered for a rate of $350 per day, plus a round-trip shipping charge of $14,800 from an Alabama dealer.

The council authorized negotiations with the owner for a more favorable lease rate, as well as to sign a lease agreement with the company provided the final costs don’t exceed the $100,000 for a one-year lease.

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