Several Jefferson County Fire Departments (KY) Evaluating Fire Equipment

Several Jefferson County Fire Departments that responded to the massive April 3 fire at GE’s Appliance Park are now assessing their equipment for potential long-term damage.

The Highview Fire Department has taken its aerial ladder truck out of commission after signs of rust in the cables that suspend the ladder and water apparatus.

“What’s going to happen to it, maybe not today or tomorrow but down the road?” said Highview Chief Dave Goldsmith. “We don’t want to have a catastrophic failure with the ladder being up and somebody being at the end of it.”

The six-acre Building 6 at Appliance Park was consumed by the flames, plastic parts and other materials sent an acrid, black smoke plume towering into the sky, visible for dozens of miles.

Of the 16 fire departments that responded, at least three of them with equipment closest to the fire which stayed on the scened for several days have since noticed unusual wear and tear to chrome, aluminum and other metal on their fire trucks, presumably linked to sustained exposure to the burning plastic materials inside Building 6.

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