Seats Incorporated Announces New 911 Division Manager

Seats Incorporated is pleased to announce the promotion of Joe Brey to divisional manager of 911 (emergency vehicle), military, and step van seat sales. Brey has been with Seats for six years, previously holding the position of regional sales manager for a cross section of product lines including Turf, Industrial, Construction, Forestry, Step Van, Military, and Emergency Vehicle products. He states that, “Working with a wide array of products and customers in various market segments certainly increased my appreciation of Seats’ history as a manufacturer committed to innovation, progress, and customer support. Also, being involved with the R&D aspect in these divisions has given me insight into how concepts and ideas from our testing and design engineers can be utilized in multiple products/applications.”

Regarding what’s to come for the division, Brey says “The future for the Military/Emergency Vehicle/Step Van division at Seats Incorporated is incredibly bright. As our company’s strong presence in numerous industries continues to grow, the wealth of information we are able to gather and share across divisions is instrumental to our success.” When asked about the most important message he conveys to customers, Brey replied that “We view our customers as partners. While we do have an offering of proprietary seats, one of our core strengths is utilizing our design and manufacturing capabilities to fit customer-specific needs. The vertical integration throughout our business allows for quick responses to change – whether that change is altering current product or research and development into new products and features.”

In working for Seats Incorporated Brey most enjoys, “The empowerment given to the employees—everyone’s voices are heard and their opinions matter.” Brey looks forward to this new opportunity and finds great inspiration in, “The end result of hard work by countless people here at Seats—crafting safe, dependable products for our customers. “

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