Seagrave Refurbishes 1973 Aerialscope For Pelham Manor FD

Pelham Manor's refurbished Tower Ladder 3
Pelham Manor’s refurbished Tower Ladder 3

The Village of Pelham Manor (N.Y.) Fire Department became the first department to rechassis/refurbish a single-axle Aerialscope with Seagrave as part of the company’s new rechassis program.

The apparatus, originally purchased as a Mack/Aerialscope in 1973, is back in service.

Seagrave offers a nationwide program to rechassis and refurbish existing 75-foot Aerialscope tower platforms on a single or tandem rear axle. Seagrave engineers minimized weight with a stronger hi-tensile steel torque box combined to maintain the single rear axle option for a renewed Aerialscope.

A rechassis’d Aerialscope on a single rear axle is capable of transporting the weight of a full complement of National Fire Protection Association recommended equipment and a crew of six.

Pelham Manor Chief Joseph Ruggiero said, “Our Aerialscope served the village reliably and cost effectively. As the predominate tower ladder on the market, it provided us with exceptional payload capacity, water flow and maneuverability in our small village streets by virtue of its short wheelbase single-axle design.”

Instead of purchasing a new Aerialscope II on a tandem axle, he said a complete re-chassis was specified for Tower Ladder 3 at a cost savings of more than $500,000.

Tower Ladder 3 received a new Seagrave Marauder II stainless steel cab and chassis featuring a rigid stainless steel subassembly that totally surrounds and protects occupants.

The original boom assembly and related components were disassembled and all of the original hydraulics were rebuilt or upgraded. All electrical components including harnesses and electronics were removed and replaced with the latest technology.

Whether a customer chooses to have a single-axle or tandem-axle Aerialscope rechassis’d, all refurbish work is tailored to the customer’s needs and done at the Seagrave factory. Seagrave said it can either completely rebuild the apparatus or just a portion of it, depending on existing vehicle condition and the future requirements of the fire department.

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