Sculptor Creates Mini Fire Apparatus

Robert G. Woods has faced a lot of difficult tasks in his more than 10 years as a metal sculptor.

But nothing was quite like the 1/2-scale fire truck he built for a client in Tampa.

“I never turn away from a challenge and this was definitely a challenge I wanted to take on,” he said. “I had to make everything by hand from the ground up.”

Woods spent three months designing and building the replica of a 1930s fire truck – placed around a motorscooter – for Darren Impson, who owns Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Tampa.

Impson said he was amazed with the artist’s work.

“It went way beyond my expectations. I was blown away when I saw the truck. It was perfect,” he said.

Impson said he bought the scooter two years ago with no specific plans for it. The scooter was in disrepair and “it was gathering dust in the warehouse.”

Woods’ wife Zuesette is Impson’s marketing director, and at a holiday party, Robert Woods and Impson began to discuss what could be done with the scooter that was stored at the business off U.S. 301.

They settled on a fire truck replica because Impson’s company’s services include fire restoration, and the firm sponsors charity events supported by Tampa firefighters.

Woods said the fire truck was the only true vehicle he has created; the closest he came before was a sidecar for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The 53-year-old artist found photos of an old fire truck online, and used those as a guide.

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