Science Museum Gets Maximum Protection with System Sensor Aspirating Smoke Detection

St. Charles, IL  –  The Science Museum of Minnesota recently installed the System Sensor FAAST (TM) Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology to provide early warning of fires in an adjoining equipment and volatile materials storage area. As a new case study reveals, FAAST proved to provide the ideal combination of high sensitivity, nuisance immunity, and flexibility to meet the mission critical requirements of this challenging space. The following is excerpted from the case study:
“The storage area’s unusual concrete ceiling,” Don Hedin [Assistant Director of Facilities at the Science Museum of Minnesota] says, “consists of 18 pre-cast double tee ceiling panels that are roughly 3 ft. x 4 ft. x 25 ft. each.” Smoke easily could collect in the concave-shaped ceiling before an alarm would be signaled. Further complicating fire detection, the storage facility can be a dirty and dusty environment.
“We researched various methods of detection and needed a very early warning system,” Hedin continues. “We didn’t want to trigger unnecessary false alarms, disturb our visitors or possibly endanger our priceless exhibits. We chose aspiration technology not only for the safety factor, but for cost savings. The museum couldn’t jeopardize its mission-critical exhibits by triggering nuisance false alarms because of the storage room’s dusty environment.”
Hedin relied on Dan Westberg, Vice President of Low Voltage Contractors (LVC) of Minneapolis, to select a fire alarm aspirating system. “We recommended System Sensor’s FAAST system for a primary reason, to ensure that the high nuisance dust factor in the storage area does not cause an alarm state,” Westberg says.
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About System Sensor:
System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire detection and notification devices, specializing in smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and notification technology. System Sensor places a premium on research and development, resulting in products that are reliable, sophisticated, and designed for real-world applications. With sales, service, and manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, System Sensor provides the most innovative and comprehensive line of products in the industry. For additional information, please visit 





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