Santa Cruz CA Fire Apparatus Caught in Crossfire

A Santa Cruz (CA) fire truck was caught in the crossfire of a showdown between law enforcement and suspected cop killer Jeremy Goulet, getting struck by what authorities believe were four of Goulet’s bullets before he was shot dead moments later by officers.

No firefighters were on the truck at the time, a fire official confirms.

During the gunfire exchange, a Santa Cruz firefighter dived on top of a woman to shield her from possible bullets when she tripped and fell to the ground while fleeing the scene.

Other firefighters ushered bystanders away from the scene and warned neighbors to go back into their homes to avoid the violence unfolding.

Firefighters arrived at the fatal scene only to discover their medical aid services weren’t needed as police Sgt. Loran “Butch” Baker and detective Elizabeth Butler had been gunned down by Goulet while investigating the former military member at his home for a recent break-in and alleged sexual assault.

The fire truck was staged just outside of the official crime scene while police searched for Goule.

Firefighters assigned to the truck on saw Goulet get out of a patrol car, wearing a bullet-proof vest and armed with two guns.

Firefighters ran from the truck to warn law enforcement the suspect was near.

The four bullets that hit truck No. 3170 caused only cosmetic damage to the 60-foot-long truck, which was purchased in December 2011 for $1 million with a federal grant.

The “tiller” truck, capable of making tight turns and carrying more equipment than standard fire trucks, will be repaired once the dust settles on the investigation. In the meantime, the truck remains in service.

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