Sandy Springs GA May Get New Fleet

Sandy Springs Fire Rescue Department (GA) may see a new fleet of fire trucks if the city council votes to approve the $3.5 million  investment.

“The bottom line is, we have an aging fleet,” Fire Chief Jack McElfish said. “All but two of our [six] trucks [have driven] over 83,000  miles.”

The trucks are seven years old, at which point McElfish said they willl continue to deteriorate and need maintenance. McElfish said most trucks  have a life of seven to 10 years.

Trading in the trucks sooner will give the city more money from a buy- back program. McElfish said each year the trucks’ values will continue  to decrease by at least $330,000 overall.

According to McElfish, 75 percent of the department’s instances are EMS, with only 10 percent of the instances being fires.
The new proposed fleet will consist of four quints and two engine- pumpers. Three of the quints will have a 105-foot ladder. The other  will have a 100-foot platform.

The two engine-pumpers will cost $584,539 each. The three new quints with a ladder will cost $896,462 each, and the quint with a platform  will cost $1.03 million.

The total cost of the new trucks will be $4.7 million, but the truck  company will buy back the current fleet for $1.2 million, leaving the  city $3.5 million to be financed over a seven-year period, according to  Karen Ellis, finance director.

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