Salinas (CA) to Replace Firefighter Breathing Gear

Salinas, Seaside and Big Sur recently agreed to put in 10 percent apiece of a $900,000-plus grant for replacement self-contained breathing gear for firefighters.

The equipment, an absolute necessity in the firefighting world, will be purchased courtesy of a Regional Assistance to Firefighters Grant under the Federal Emergency Management umbrella.

Salinas City Council took up the issue most recently when Tuesday night council members unanimously approved a bid from Allstar Fire Equipment and the required 10 percent match to the $900,388 grant, according to City Clerk Patricia Barajas.

Seaside twice beat Salinas to the punch on the FEMA grant. In August, Seaside City Council approved receipt of the grant. On Nov. 20, Seaside council members approved the 10 percent match, City Clerk Lesley Milton said Wednesday.

Big Sur’s Volunteer Fire Brigade was also included in the grant. Fire Chief Martha Karstens confirmed in a voice mail Wednesday afternoon, the Brigade’s board had also approved acceptance of the grant and the 10 percent match.

On Sept. 11, Salinas accepted the grant, according to a report from Salinas Fire Chief Edmond Rodriguez. Bids were opened on Oct. 7. Allstar Fire Equipment made the only bid at nearly $1.7 million. Staff negotiated the price down to 50 cents below the grant award.

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